Aquatic Invasive Species Newsletter-February 2018-You’re Invited To A Public Forum!

You are invited! Waukesha County AIS staff wants your input on a new strategic plan to combat aquatic invasive species.  A Public Forum is scheduled for 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, at the Delafield Brewhaus (3832 Hillside Dr, Delafield, WI 53018). Agenda Items include:
• Call to meeting to order (7:00pm)
• Presentation of Waukesha County AIS Strategic Plan (7:10-7:40pm)
• Walk through of AIS Mapping Application (7:40-8:00pm)
• Questions and Discussion (8:00-8:30pm)
• Final Comments and Adjourn (8:35pm)
Come and learn about planned AIS activities, and share your ideas!

Please take some time to learn about AIS near you by visiting the recently merged Washington County/ Waukesha County AIS newsletter articles available to you through the Waukesha County … Read the rest

Lights, Light Pollution & You!

Have you ever been out on the lake and noticed bright lights coming at you almost like headlights on a car? Have you ever laid in your bed and had bright lights sweep across the walls of your home because of an avid fisherman/woman outside along the shoreline? Have you ever looked across the lake and found that someone’s light glistening on the lake was not the moon like you thought? Then you have encountered lights and light pollution. If you are the owner of the light, here are things you can do to make these situations better for the people around you. Please visit the Lights & Light Pollution article on the “Reports” page to learn more.… Read the rest

Resources & Reminders – A Little Helpful Information

As part of its mission, the LLBMD seeks to provide education regarding various lake issues and concerns and frankly, from time to time, we could all use a “refresher” in certain aspects of boating courtesy and safety. To that end, “Resources & Reminders” has been posted to the “Reports” page. This document provides a bit of information about piers, mooring buoys, boating safety and courtesy as well as links for additional detailed information. Thank you for taking the time to read this helpful information!… Read the rest

2015-2016 Shoreland Zoning Changes – Video Explanation Available

The Wisconsin Legislature has made major changes to shoreland zoning in 2015-16. These changes are described in three short video presentations. Please click the links below to access the new shoreland zoning video presentations.

1. Introduction to shoreland zoning and recent changes to required shoreland lot sizes

2. Changes to shoreland setbacks, vegetation protection and impervious surface standards

3. Changes to standards for buildings located close to the shoreline

Whole video (all three parts combined; 30 minutes) … Read the rest

The DNR, Starry Stonewort & You!-Please Be Aware Of This Invasive Species!

Starry Stonewort is an invasive species recently found in Little Muskego Lake and other area Wisconsin Lakes. It continues to spread from lake to lake this year.  Once established, it is difficult to eradicate and quickly spreads. It is NOT currently found in Lac La Belle.  Please be aware of what it looks like and notify the DNR or the Lac La Belle Management District if believe you have seen some in Lac La Belle.   Please see the Starry Stonewort links in the “Links” section on the “Home” page of this website for more information.  Public education and effort is critical to keeping this invasive out of Lac La Belle!… Read the rest

Did You Know You Can Boat To The Downtown Area?

Fantastic news for anyone interested in boating to dinner or to City Beach for summer fun!  The Community Center has a pier with several mooring spots where the public can tie up boats for a short time(3 hours)  to go downtown to get a meal, shop or simply take in a concert at City Beach-all free of charge.  You should plan to tie up your boat without assistance and be aware of any valuables left on your boat as you disembark.  Enjoy!… Read the rest

Simple Ways to Make Lakes Cleaner – You Can Help!

Did you know healthy lawns are safe for our children, pets and our lake?  Waukesha County is offering “Clean Water, Healthy Lawns” workshops for interested residents.  There are simple things you can do to have a beautiful lawn and maintain healthy waters, such as “let it go.” Letting your lawn go dormant during hot weather can be good for it!  This is just one small example that doesn’t require a lot of work to make the lake a little cleaner. To learn more, please view our “Reports” page and look for the “Clean Water, Healthy Lawns” article.… Read the rest

Commercial Fisherman Contract Renewed for 2015

Were you one of the lucky people to be able to spot commercial fisherman, Jeff Riedemann on Lac La Belle in 2014?  Jeff was awarded a contract by the Wisconsin DNR to use a seine net to catch rough fish, including carp, on Lac La Belle .  His method of catching the rough fish is unique and involves the use of a seine net with large holes that will allow the smaller fish to pass through but keep the larger carp in the net for removal.  Jeff, with assistance from DNR Staff, removed approximately 28,000 pounds of buffalo and common carp from Lac La Belle in April and an additional 8,400 pounds in October!  His contract was reinstated for 2015, … Read the rest