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Aquatic Invasive Species Newsletter – September 2017

Waukesha County AIS staff continues to focus its efforts on keeping various invasive species out of area waterways and sharing information with the public. One way that you can learn more is by viewing their “Boatbusters” video. Just click the “Boatbusters” picture in the newsletter to see the video. On September 7 and 8, 2017 the Army Corp of Engineers hosted an AIS workshop at the Oconomowoc Community Center so that lake managers and researchers from Missouri, New York, Canada, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois could colloborate on efforts to remove and protect waterways from Starry Stonewort. Later in the month, AIS staff also helped the Regional DNR Lake Biologist provide information on the Red Swamp Crayfish that was located … Read the rest

Lights, Light Pollution & You!

Have you ever been out on the lake and noticed bright lights coming at you almost like headlights on a car? Have you ever laid in your bed and had bright lights sweep across the walls of your home because of an avid fisherman/woman outside along the shoreline? Have you ever looked across the lake and found that someone’s light glistening on the lake was not the moon like you thought? Then you have encountered lights and light pollution. If you are the owner of the light, here are things you can do to make these situations better for the people around you. Please visit the Lights & Light Pollution article on the “Reports” page to learn more.… Read the rest

Resources & Reminders – A Little Helpful Information

As part of its mission, the LLBMD seeks to provide education regarding various lake issues and concerns and frankly, from time to time, we could all use a “refresher” in certain aspects of boating courtesy and safety. To that end, “Resources & Reminders” has been posted to the “Reports” page. This document provides a bit of information about piers, mooring buoys, boating safety and courtesy as well as links for additional detailed information. Thank you for taking the time to read this helpful information!… Read the rest