Interested In Updating Your Shoreline?

The LLBMD is once again sponsoring its Annual Shoreland Restoration Program to District Residents!  If you are interested in updating your shoreline with native plantings, please consider the Shoreland Restoration Program offered by the LLBMD.  There are many wonderful benefits for doing so, including buffering waves that could erode your shoreline, deterring geese while increasing native habitat for songbirds, reptiles and other lakeshore animals, and best of all, you end up with a beautifully landscaped shoreline that will provide you with enjoyment all year long!  To find out  details necessary for participation in this program, please click on the “Forms” Page and click on “2014 Shoreland Restoration” or use the interactive form to request information.  A complete description of the program can also be found in the Spring 2014 newsletter.  Happy planting!



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